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    what does this mean?

    Email error:

    [email protected]
    (ultimately generated from [email protected])
    SMTP error from remote mail server after RCPT TO:<[email protected]>:
    host []: 550 Message blocked due to SPF failure. See for more info.

    Is it saying my server blocked incoming mails, or the sending server is the problem?

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    Seems like you've been blacklisted perhaps, and you need to either update your SPF record, or create one.

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    How do I update my spf record? I don't understand

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    I think your email has been recognised as a spoof email by the SPF system
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    You do not have a valid SPF record setup.

    You can check this by typing,

    dig txt

    You can setup a spf record by using something like

    "v=spf1" "ip4:main ip" "a" "mx" "~all"

    Or even more broad

    v=spf1 +all

    I suggest you use however to generate yourself a better one.

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