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    Looking for Night Staff (Support)

    Hi There,

    I am looking to add one or two night support staff to our team. This would be to handle HelpDesk Support Tickets. We use PERLDESK for the HelpDesk, and we have community forums which are sometimes used by clients.

    Our Systems are CPanel/WHM, and our client base is 95% Resellers. We are looking for someone familiar with the CPanel system, and with Red Hat 7.2.

    An example of our support ticket requests are people asking if SSL Cert's can be installed, FP extensions to be re installed, sub domain issues, etc.

    The time frame would be around Midnight > 6 AM EST (GMT -5). I guess the best people to look for is those OverSea's in other time zones. Easier, since US night workers can be expensive

    We are looking to pay per ticket, however we can do based on other factors too, or pay monthly.

    Please email me a copy of your resume to [email protected] and include what you would like to receive as a salary. If you are in need of hosting, we can deduct that at a certain rate from your salary, or base your entire pay on Hosting if you would like.

    Average number of support tickets over night is around 8 - 15 or so.

    Thank you
    Sean Higgins
    Pixel Seven
    Sean Higgins
    Pixel Seven

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    Have you looked

    Have you looked at They offer a "SleepWellPlan" and, yes, your nighttime is their daytime.

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