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    Question Having a Big weird Problem with IPB and PHP 4.4.5-dev

    hi there
    i upgraded my php version to the latest version 4.4.5-dev and i'm facing a strange problem with IPB
    check this error please
    IPB WARNING [2] preg_match() [function.preg-match]: Compilation failed: repeated subpattern is too long at offset 29167 (Line: 184 of /sources/classes/class_session.php)
    i searched google for such a thing and i found nothin , the board was good and working under the php version 4.4.3 and when i upgraded this error happened
    so any explaination or solution here ?!

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    Try use php 4.4.4 . Don't use php module that is still under development. It is not consider stable yet.
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    the problem is the php 4.4.4 version is vuln. specially this serious vuln. of symlink() function to bypass openbase dir and read files and the only update is by upgrading the php version
    A vulnerability has been identified in PHP, which could be exploited by local attackers to bypass security restrictions. This flaw is due to a race condition between the time that "open_basedir" access controls for a symbolic link are verified and the time the requested file is accessed by certain functions, which could be exploited by malicious users to gain unauthorized access to restricted files via a PHP script containing "symlink()", "mkdir()", "unlink()", and "fopen()" calls.

    so any other suggestions ?
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    you can put vuln functions in disable_functions right now and work with 4.4.4 , If you don't wanna that, show me the error_log in your apache for this problem .

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