I am a Computing student in England, UK currently working towards an Internet Technologies degree. Until next September I am studying from a distance which has given me a lot of free time - I would like to spend some of this in a technical support position with a Web Host for experience in the industry while I can.

I have been using linux in both a desktop and server situation for many years and feel I am competent in the administrative tasks that would be required for this role day-to-day, as well as the more in-depth tasks if that is required of me. Specifically, I have experience in setting up, configuring and maintaining apache, bind, mysql, tomcat, exim, proftpd and many other smaller applications. I also have experience in securing servers for the battering that is the world wide web, although I do not pretend to be an expert in this field.

I have experience with CPanel and DirectAdmin, from both a user's and an administrator's point of view. A lot of this stems from the small hosting company I ran up until last year, which although it only served residents and businesses from my local area, gave me valuable experience of the "non textbook" side of hosting.

I am also proficient in C/C++, Java and PHP, which I find useful for solving problems that I can't find a tool for - I am very much the sort of person to knock up a quick shell script for the situation.

Due to my current study situation my hours can be very flexible, as the distance learning programme allows me to fit my study hours around work hours. Note that I am looking for remote positions only. If you feel you can offer me a suitable position, please contact me via email ([email protected]). A CV and/or references are available on request.