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    Hi everyone,

    I need to build a web environment for a very high traffic content-driven website. My server experience has been somewhat limited to the software and I'm not sure exactly what would be the best hardware configuration for a site like this.

    I am asking for suggestions on the number of machines I should start with and what roles those machines should have (for example - one web server, one database server and one media server). What should their corresponding processing power, hard drive space, raid configurations be. If you've done anything like this before I would welcome your advice.

    Thanks a bunch
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    Hello there,

    The specifications are really going to depend on the level of traffic, among other things. Is the web environment going to be largely dynamic, or will there be a lot of static content? How many users are you expecting concurrently? How much traffic do you expect to push daily/monthly?

    Have you set a budget on this project as of yet, that might also be useful. You can do some great setups, but it can get pricey depending how "proper" you want it to be. :-)

    - Rory

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    The entire website will be dynamic, so processing power will be crucial. The site will have between 2 million and 3 million hits per day.

    Can you give me some ballpark figures for the number of processors the web server should have (I'm thinkin two), the minimum speed at which they should run, the amount of memory and the preferred raid configuration (I'm thinkin' 5).

    Can you do the same for the database server? 90% of the content - probably more - will be pulled from the databes.

    Do you think a separate media server is necessary if 50% of the content has associated images, videa and/or audio?

    Caching server?

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    Just get loadbalancing from a host
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    are these going to be colocation boxs or something local for you because if colocation you have to think about certain issues that you wouldnt have or wouldnt be as bad if it was a local enviroment
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    Anyone with actual thoughts on the specs of the machines, please reply.

    Our site will be completely dynamic with about 95% of the content pulled from the database. THe site is huge, articles, news, interviews, streaming media, comments, rating, thousands of users, etc...

    Thoughts like:
    Web Server:
    2 CPU - 2.5 GHz
    4 GB Ram
    3 HDD - raid 5

    Database Server:
    2 CP - 2.5 GHZ
    8GB Ram
    4 HDD - raid 5

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    media server 1 cpu - fast with alot of ram and fast harddrives then do like what you said above but I know mysql is multithreaded - is apache? otherwise I dont think it'd help for the webserver to be dual cpu

    I'd get 3 servers btw
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    I'm not using apache. I'm using lighttpd (yes - it's multithreaded) on linux. When you say three servers, do you mean one media server, one web server and one database server? Or - one media/web server, one database server and one caching server?

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    I'd say get 3 different server, one web for the dynamic files, one for the images or just videos and such and one for the database.
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    Merged two posts about the same thing. Carry on.

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    What's the site application written in? What's the database? What's the OS?

    How much daily traffic does the site push out?
    How much content is in, will be in the database? In GB.
    Are binary objects (media files) stored as BLOBS in the DB or on a file system?
    And what about backup. Can we assume you need to back this whole thing up, probably daily if not more frequently?

    Does the site application use E-Tags, Modified-Since or other cache control mechanisms?

    First suggestion: Don't implement a 3 drive RAID 5 array for a busy site; if you do lose a drive, you have a) a big performance issue and b) no hot-spare on-line. Lose another drive before you get a replacement in the box (I have seen this happen on a very expensive RAID array once) and your RAID 5 array is a useless hunk of bits. You might consider 4 drive 1U box for web, email, with one drive as hot spare. Some might prefer 4 drive RAID10 array instead.

    Would be good to get more details of your environment before machine specs are bandied about.
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