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    Sudent or Personal Website $2.00 Per Month.

    If you would like a website for personal or student use

    please contact me [email protected]

    you can have

    or your own domain.

    $2.00 per month.

    or $20 paid for the year.

    five only at this time

    20 megs of space
    500 megs of bandwidth
    3 email addresses
    1 mysql database
    php support
    Plesk Control Panel
    FTP Access 24/7/365
    Private CGI-BIN
    Secure Socket Layer (SSL)
    Server Side Includes (SSI)
    Protected Directories
    Custom Error Pages
    Monthly Site Backups
    Frontpage 2000 Support
    14 Day-Money Back
    SMTP Mail Server
    PHP 4.1.2
    Perl / CGI
    Graphical Web Statistics
    99.99% Network Uptime
    OC3 Connectivity
    No Setup Fees

    thankyou [email protected]

    We recently took management of hostnuclear, we are turning this business around with 24/7 support through our existing company, please email if you wish to recieve recomendations from existing customers.

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    Is domain registration and subdomains included?

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    Originally posted by noemie
    Is domain registration and subdomains included?
    Thankyou for your enquiry.

    5 subdomains are included with that account, price wise its for personal and student hosting.

    If you need more subdomains post a support ticket and depending on your usage for this account we may issue more subdomains at no extra cost.

    Domain Registration is available for an additonal cost of
    $9.00 for 12 months registration.

    [email protected]

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