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    Question is this possible ? different os install

    HI people

    i have a new server with a 160 gb hd...
    the hd is devided in 40 os/swap and 120 /home
    now the server has freebsd running as i was told this could handle better loads.. but it seems it can't do what i did with a server running fc 5 and less rams than this new one...

    so i want to change OS...

    now my question is can i for example partition the 120 gb in 80 and 40 gb and install from home with a terminal debian on that partition ?
    without help of the host ?

    after when it is booted into debian than delete the freebsd ?

    or do i need the host to install debian for me?

    thanks for your advice

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    I would break down and bug them to change to Debian for you. You might be able to do all that stuff you just said, but the odds are you will have errors. You know how Linux and FreeBSD can be
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