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    need a new VPS provider

    surfspeedy is my current VPS provider, I've been very dis satisfied this month with them, my server went offline atleast 5 times this week. It makes me look bad es-specialy since my DNS server is hosted there, and all my customers are not able to access their products with the DNS server down.

    I currently have this package.

    Control Panel: Webmin Disk Space: 15GB Memory: 128MB Monitoring: Standard Monitoring Server Name: GFG VPS 1 Support Service: Managed Transfer: 200GB
    and i pay 19.95 per month.

    What i host on this is: CentOS 4.x Linux OS (my VPS MUST be centos 4.x (latest version is 4.3), I want to keep all my servers I own as consistant as possible). Apache2/php5, mysql5, postfix mail server, BIND DNS server.

    being managed is not important. if they have something like has where you get a certain amount of hours per month of managed services thatd be great. I just don't want to go through the hassle I already have getting all the software to work again.

    I also have webmin on my current package. just becasue it was free. I'm happy with webmin, I do most my work through an SSH connection. It'd be cool to have plesk free or something like that. (from the plesk demo it seems easier to use with servers and setting them up, saving me the hassle. Webmin is outdated and I had to do almost everything manually). I'm not planning to pay any extra fee for a control panel, as long as it comes with some knid of free control panel i'd be happy. (i resort to the control panel when i have trouble doing it otherwise and i get fustrated)

    Location doens't matter as long as it's inside the US

    the VPS must cost 20$ or less p/m

    this provider needs to be reliable, I understand downtimes are unavoidable, just it's beyond the point of being acceptable all the downtime I've faced this WEEK.

    current places I'm looking at:

    Both seem to have positive reviews here, I'm leaning towards becasue of the free Virtuozzo Power Pane (which I think is the same thing as plesk right?)

    I'd like any and all input from anybody. thanks

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    You are right when you look for a VPS provider which offer you the last version of the software, in your case CentOS 4.4 but you should also take a look to last virtuozzo/openvz kernel and check if it's updated.

    If you want a great, simple and light control panel you must take a look at:
    Price range is usually between 5$ and 10$ per month

    Regarding Virtuozzo Power Panel it's not the same as Plesk, in VPP you can manage your vps (reboot, reload, check qos, etc), in Plesk you can manage 'Hosting accounts'.

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    so VPP is more for just of the status of the system itself, not so much the software being ran on it.

    yeh i've seen directadmin before, id also settle for that, just id rather go with webmin becasue its free. Once I get the servers up and running I have no need for a control panel, (which is why im not interested in paying any extra fee for one)

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    +1 for Knownhost. Been with them since mid-August I believe, and service has been top-notch. I have a VPS-L account with them.

    For the longest time (read: many years), I've always rolled my own setups (generally qmail, vpopmail, etc) but after this vps with cPanel, and my two new servers with DA, I dont' think I'd ever go back. The money spent per month is well worth it.

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    anyone have anything on ?

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    You are paying an extremely cheap price for your VPS and unless you are willing to pay a higher price then you shouldn't expect any better service. It goes to the old saying of "you get what you pay for".

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