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    Control panels... who owns them?

    i'm curious... a lot of companies out there offer, for a price, to install a control panel on the server you'll be using. Often that price is almost as much or even more than the price of the control panel itself. In the end, who owns it then?

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    From what I have seen, most control panels these days are leased. So the company that programmed it ultimately owns it.
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    Installation of a control panel rarely goes over the purchase price, so I am not sure where you got the information from. Unless you are talking about Cpanel, in which case the installation fee could go higher than the purchase fee. But the purchase fee for CPanel is actually monthly, so that doesn't count. Besides, most CPanel reseller would be happy to install Cpanel for you for free.


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    For $75-$99

    I'd better get it damn installed (TimPD was having a sale on them liscenses, for cheaper... there I could afford to pay a bit extra.)

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