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    Req Rec. auto script to backup MySQL & folder?


    Can you recommend a script which would backup the mysql database, and a folder .

    Optimally, want the script to backup the database & a folder multiple times during a 24-hr period on the webserver in a compressed format to save space, & tar/combine the backups and transfer it to local PC(XP) at least once before the backups are deleted and new ones are created on the webserver. It would be helpful to have the date/time listed on the filename for the backup.

    Webserver has Cpanel, Linux (Reseller/Hostingzoom account).

    Thanks in advance.

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    This should answer your question:

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    Thanks.. in PHPMyAdmin I am not seeing an option of setting up automated backups (there was an option to setup automated backups on my previous host)..

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    Always make sure that your web hosting party responds to your needs before considering to register with them.

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    phpMyAdmin has ability to dump whole database with it's structure and data by comressing it to .gzip extension, so using that part of phpMyAdmin code and writing another little one, you can create php script, put it into cron jobs. Script could archive these backups in some temporary folder, send to client (that's you) mail box and delete temporary backup files.


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