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    Cross Platform Compat.

    Im using wordpress for my site using a theme that seems to work correctly in Firefox but doesnt render correctly in IE.

    Ive also added some <div> tags to put some ads and sections on the page using the position: absolute;. Although it looks good in FF, it looks incorrect on IE 6, havent tested it with IE 7.

    The site is here.

    If you think you can help me, i will gladly link to your site, or compensate you in some other way.

    Thank you in advance.

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    I'm not sure it's working right in FF either. Validate and fix your 47 html errors. Then your css errors.
    It's not working right in IE7 either.
    IE7 is nine years behind the standards or wrong.
    But it works in IE!
    "IE is a cancer on the web" -- Paul Thurott
    "Avoid hacker-bait apps like Internet Explorer" -- Kevin Mitnick

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