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    Repeating a background image


    I have a 760px x 1px image to use as a background image in the #main div on my site. I want to repeat it the whole way down so that the right column has color to it all the way to the bottom. It just won't show up if I put it as the background on #main. If I put it as the background on #container, it shows but that's not where it should be. Any idea why???

    The site is if anybody could be so kind as to help.

    Thank you!
    Chris Farrugia, REALTORŪ
    Naples Real Estate

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    isn't that what you have now?

    if not you need to make an image with the side bar in it and put in the container with the content and side in.

    #container {
    background:#color url(adres) repeat-y center;

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