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    The best (budgethost) & the worst (internethosting4u)


    Unreliable servers. Constant downtime is the norm. Server was down almost an entire month during the busiest time of the Summer.

    Support is pathetic as each support worker blamed the other for the problems.

    Also, if you cancel the auto payments they will cut you off from accessing your account (and even their forum area) even though you are still paid up.
    I can't recommend this company enough. Excellent support and server has only been down once in the few months I've been with them and it was only for about 2 minutes. Gregg is great to deal with and takes time to answer his clients questions.

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    Thank you for taking the time to share your hosting experiences with us! It's good to hear you did manage to find a host that makes you happy.

    Please share a domain that you host/have hosted with these companies. If you don't want to make them public, you can always just send them to the moderating team: Thank you!

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    I no longer have any hosted with internethosting4u but with budgethost I have, and and I also have a few clients hosted through my reseller account.

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    oops...sorry, double post

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    dixieswebcafe, I'm glad you've found at last a good hosting because it's really very difficult.
    And thanks for the information about internethosting4u.
    I think we have to know the best as well as the worst hosting companies.

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