I have found a vast void of information lacking when an ISP tells you how much bandwidth you are using for a server and then being able to tell how much bandwidtha server is using on your own in a shared hosting environment.

There are a whole bunch of half way solutions, but none of them can accurately tell the end user who is using what. It is easy i guess for the ISP to track bandwidth because they just sit there and poll the servers on the switch so it is easy, but are their any "real" solutions to track bandwidth for single sites.

I know mrtg can track per IP address, and that is almost helpful, but as ISP's become less flexible about giving out IP addresses, it isnt really efficient on tracking a domain. I know there is options for tracking it through the logs, but i have found great conflicts between those and what the ISP reports...

So in conclusion, is there any real solutions to finding where the bandwidth is really being generated on a shared server?