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    How to prevent my outgoing emails from going into spam filters

    Hey everyone,

    I've been testing out my support/ticket system and I noticed that my emails from the system go directly into spam inboxes. This is also the case when I create an account through clientexec.

    Is there anything I can do to prevent this? Or should I just tell the customers to check their junk mail boxes?

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    There are loads of things that could cause this:

    1) Your sending IP is blacklisted.
    2) You don't have an SPF record or you have one but it is setup wrong.
    3) The content of your mail if triggering filters. (HTML mail etc)

    There are many other things that could trigger this though and it could even be a combination of multiple things.

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    Yahoo email is real bad about this. Any email I send using ClientExec goes to the bulk folder...
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    Check whether your domain is blocked by any spam cops.

    If not, then check whether you have an SPF record in the DNS zone of your domain. If it is not there then add the record and then everything should work for you.

    Thank you.


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