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    Hosting Providing Different IPs & C-Classes

    Can anyone recommend a hosting company which provides a hosting with a possibility for all your sites to have different IPs and different C Classes?


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    Almost all companies do this, the difference is in the number of forms you're asked to fill out.
    do you mean your choice of company will be determined by this factor?

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    I also think that all companies do it. Do you have any other demands?

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    No, most companies do not do this. If you find one that will, you will most likely be asked to justify your need. Generally "SEO" is not a valid reason and will be denied. That's not to say you can't find a host that will allow it, but be prepared to pay a premium fee for this.

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    So the question still stayed open.
    Can anyone give some references to such webhosting companies (providing different IPs & C-Classes) please?


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    DakDarie try EV1 but we might be able to help more if you gave us some idea of the reasons and what you expect to get! disk space, bw etc...

    And I totally agree with AH-Tina. Not all provide this at all so don't expect it when you look for hosts!
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    I need to make it so like if all my sites belong to different people, so that's why I want each of them to have different IP and different C-Class.
    I need to trick Google

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