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    Established Arcade Site Earning Income

    SITE :

    Arcade Gorilla is a new turnkey arcade website. This site includes over 2100 games pre-installed that visitors can play. There is no charge for playing these games.

    I am selling this site as a new arcade site that is presently receiving visitors. I have enrolled the site in a few good arcade traffic exchanges. The ads have been optimized for maximum income.

    Since this site has so many games, visitors will keep returning to the site over and over again.

    The Main Page displays the all the Game Categories with 4 games in every category. The games are randomally selected about once per minute. This is done so that the search engine spiders do not detect any type of spamming.

    The site can be configured to display ads from the top three networks: adsense, ypn and chitka. The admin panel handles the entire configuration of these networks and it will only display the ads that you enable. The site uses geo targeting so that YPN ads are only displayed to USA visitors.

    Visitors that are not members receive a 10 second delay screen that display ads prior to the game loading. Members do not see this advertising screen. This can be disabled in the admin panel.

    The site is earning more than $2 per day in revenue and this should go up when more visitors visit the site.

    Other than changing the account numbers and channels to adsense, ypn and chitka there is nothing else that needs to be done to the site. Everything is run in automatic mode. I am also offering 30 days of free hosting to the new owner. I can continue to provide hosting if the new owner requires it.

    The new owner will receive the domain name, website, all of the games, licenses, and traffic exchange accounts.

    Traffic : The site averages 75 unique visitors playing about 200 games per day. All traffic is from link exchanges.

    HOSTING : 1 month free hosting at

    AUCTION : No

    PRICE : $300

    TERMS : Paypal Only

    Please Note: I reserve the right to decline any offer and end this sale at any time.

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    Do you have revenue stats to prove your claim?
    CEO Pixabit, Inc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pixabit
    Do you have revenue stats to prove your claim?
    You can look at

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    The ads are presently displaying YPN. But prior to using YPN the site generated between $1.50-$2.50 daily in adsense.

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