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    Need Help: Best Way to Move to a New Server

    I am considering upgrading to a more powerful server (same hosting company). The problem is I have spent a lot of time tweaking my current dedicated server by closing open relays, adding APF and BFD, changing httpd.conf files, etc.

    So I'd like to make an exact copy of my current server on the new server.

    I asked my hosting companies support about this and they offered to physically move my current hard drive to the new server where I could ssh into it and copy it to the new server's hard drive.

    They also suggested I could do it with a program called Rsync but this is unsupported by them.

    A third option would be to order a server restore and have them do the restore on the new server.

    I am looking for opinions on which of these options would be "best", considering I am most concerned about getting an exact duplicate of my current configuration and I would be willing to endure a little longer down time if it meant a smoother transition overall. (FYI, I have about 23 Gb of server files to move.)

    Thanks, everyone.
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    The best option would be just to switch the hard drive, so the only downtime would be while they move your HD from your old server to the new one.

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    Maybe he want a better hdd too.
    The best way is to build everything from scratch. You can copy&paste old configs without problem if SO and dir structure is the same.

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