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    [Request] banner advertising

    I am the owner/maker of Design Reference (site in my sig).

    I am looking for places to advertise on, however, since I am running this site out of my own pocket, I am looking for cheep offers.

    I'm still not abolutely sure of what my budget plan is, but I dont want to spend more than $20/month on a banner (468x60 or whatever the size is), button (80x31 or whatever), or even text links.

    If you are selling advertising space and get a sufficient ammount of unique visits, please email me at [email protected]


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    $20 it it is not enough to get good place to advetise

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    Quote Originally Posted by NameServer
    $20 it it is not enough to get good place to advetise
    Thanks for your reply but it will be ignored as it has not helped me out any.

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    Ill add your 88 by 31 button on my homepage at florinabeach[dot]com

    Yea the site looks crappy, but we are about to do a huge makeover of it using a phpBB portal.

    The site has about an average of 700 visitors per day. (stats available by going to forums > scroll down to bottom>

    The site isn't quite as popular as the forums, but this will change very shortly and im hoping that BOTH rocket up to 1000 visitors per day.

    So yea, 20 bucks a month for 88 by 31 on homepage (static banner, no rotation.) email me at zerk[at]

    stupid thing doesn't allowed LINKS!?

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    Take a look at
    $10 text link / $20 banner

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