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    Ah! Don't you love the easy fixes? :)

    I know many of me..have had those "well..this was suppose to be done <insert>..but...<Insert original timeX3,4,6...!>

    We all have had those days. Don't you just love the easy ones, though?

    I downloaded more Java-related stuff yesterday than I believe I have ever one day, at least. I have got to believe these people really like to make things challenging to keep us on our toes! Uhhh.

    It's works..all of it..but..!!! Oy!

    I'll pass a few pointers to some of the newbies out there.

    1) Logs can be your saving grace

    Almost everything makes a log..or adds to a existing log. Even if there are no errors on screen..always check the logs.

    2) Google is your best friend

    do a google search on the entire phrase..remember...the more you give it..the bigger chance of finding a person who had the very same problem you did...and maybe a solution is presented

    3) Use simple logic

    My easy fix yesterday..I was installing Websphere Application Server on a vps...and this little gem came across the console:

    ..line 423 bc: command not found

    Well...I still don't know (or care) what "bc"'s something that

    yum install bc

    all fixed..just like that. Sadly..99.9% of these are *not* that easy. Appreciate them when they do work, though.

    4) I don't know about others...but..I have moved away from RPM installs as much as possible. Given the yesterday...between a *.tgz and a *rpm..I chose *.tgz...and saved quite a bit of time. Why? The docs were right there..front and center...and a solution to the missing rpm was there. Problem solved.

    For others...I'll share what that was..for RHEL4 and/or Centos 4 IBM Java need:

    xorg-x11-depreciated-libs.6.8.1.rpm <not exact name..but darn close

    and you must use the IBM Java for Websphere..even EE5 Sun SDK/JDK will not do...which i have as well. Wheee!

    I had to go directly to centos's mirrors for the last one..the duke mirrors I normally use didn't have it.

    which leads to the last one:

    5) Some mirrors do not have the same aware of that.

    >>Oh! Well..#6

    6) Take good notes

    This is critical...and one of the things I am very, very serious about. I'll be darned if I'm not going to learn from my mistakes. However...

    This is not the first time I have installed Websphere App Server..but something changed...these errors are completely new..I simply did not have them before... be aware of that was well.
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