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    Arrow Major problems with Web Designers

    We are working on a new site for HostNexus and the developers are just too slow. The concept was completed in May and it's taking them a week to do one page. The concept is there and they've made a killer site and we can get all the PSDs but I now want someone else to finish this site. The design work is all done really and just needs putting together. Needs to be done up in PHP to make global updates easier.

    What is required to finish the project?

    1) Design a few pages based on the PSDs we have.
    2) Put the whole site together including internal linking.
    3) Copy site content from current site and populate new pages with text provided.
    4) Create a skin/template for our Kayako helpdesk to match the site.
    5) Flash integration. We wish to integrate the flash components from our current site into the new one. This will require editing of .fla files.
    6) Newsletter design.

    There might be a few other things too but like I said the majority of the legwork is done.

    What do we require from you?

    1) Skills required: PHP, Design, Flash.
    2) People dedicated to finishing the project.
    3) Realistic timeline once you've revised the project.
    4) Communication!

    Basically I want YOU to be nagging ME and not vice versa. I would like a status report submitted every two days where possible and if you were online on YIM when I am that would be very helpful (10pm-10am EST). If all goes well we would wish to keep your services on permanent retainer as we always have small things that we need to do. For instance we need icons and images for a bi-monthly newsletter. We want to design some merchandise that can be given away in competitions. We want to design screensavers and games and many other things.

    As well as having the skills and dedication I need something of a project manager that can help with these things. I need input and ideas and when we've hammered a project out you then run with it and submit progress reports until its done.

    If you think you can or have a team that can do this then please post here or contact me. I'm a very easy-going person to work with and have lots of ideas but I have become so frustrated with this current project that I've often thought about quitting the whole thing. This new design is integral to our plans and expansions and everything has been delayed because of it. Our plans will bring in alot of new business and extra revenue means extra projects so whoever takes this job will be somewhat responsible for their own success in how far our business relationship goes.

    So really hoping to find someone talented, smart, sociable and possessing vision to help me take HostNexus to the next level. I look forwward to hearing from you!
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    M2sterHosting can do it. Please email any specifications, images, current coding, etc. already done to [email protected]

    We will quote you within a few hours and you will be assigned your personal designer/coder or one of each.

    Also, if we do not complete things by deadlines we provide you with, we will give small refunds each day we are late. We will not be late though.


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