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    Looking for a dedicated windows box + sw

    I know I could use the search but I'm trying to find someone willing to bundle all or part of the following specs (or better).

    3.0Ghz CPU
    1Gb RAM
    200 GB HD
    100Mbit connection
    2Gb upload allowance (with option to upgrade is need be)
    MS SQL Standard Edition
    Microsoft .NET Framework
    Plesk or other CP software
    Remote Access
    ASP support

    Any takers ?

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    Do you need 100 Mbit port or chanel?

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    Not sure I know the difference to be honest

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    You may pay for 100Mbit port and use just 10 Mbit for ex. And you are use as much as you pay with 100 Mbit chanel

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    if I understood you correctly, then a 100mbit port

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    What about your budget?

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    I'm not sure what the budget is yet. Trying to gauge what the market ballpark is for something bundled like that and decide whether I am better off buying some of the licences personally and installing them on the box.

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    Also you have to remember that windows dedicated server is more expencive.

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