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    php hosting question

    i am new to the web hosting scene and have a quick question. I have uploaded a php template to my web space but cannot access through my browser. When i try to it says "Direct Access to this location is not allowed." What confuses me is when i upload an HTML document i can see it fine.

    if someone could tell me why this is i would greatly appreciate it.
    the link to the document is:

    Oh also, it was originally a joombla template, if that matters?

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    What's the template doing? It may be referencing a file that's not accessible. Try doing a simple <? echo "Hello World."; ?> and test that to attempt to pinpoint the issue.

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    thank you i figured it out... it was a joombla template.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NameServer
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    Joomla templates are to be used with the Joomla CMS, if you already didn't know. It can be uploaded through the admin panel under installers - templates. You can set the new installed template to show on your site in the site - template manager page.
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