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    Looking for a UK based web host

    I'm reposting this thread (slightly edited) as the moderators deleted my previous post as it appears I accidently and unknowingly was soliciting for hosting. If this breaks the rules too I give up. Anyway...

    Hi, I'm looking for a new UK based VPS host.

    At the moment I'm considering e-hosting, CWCS, HostWay, Flexservers, and InterHost - I've love to hear from anyone who's had any experience of any of these hosts or can recommend a different good UK based VPS server to me.

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    What do you think about 1&1?

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    You may look at www.liquidweb.comThey really aren't bad.

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    As for me they are oversellers

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    what about CWCS????

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    Search for reviews on your chosen hosts, and try and get a trial.
    UK SSD VPS without compromise - upto 250k IOPS !

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