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    AntiVirus Suggestions

    A company I deal with has an application, running on Win2003 and written in a mix of ASP and VB using a SQL2000 database, part of which accepts uploaded documents. For the sake of paranoia we are considering adding virus scanning of the files prior to placing them in the DB.

    Any anti-virus on-access AV program should could the trick of deleting infected files, trapping the temporary file IIS stores the uploads in, but that isn't ideal as the code won't know if the file is missing due to an upload error or a virus issue.

    So we want something that we can explicitly call, either a command-line scanner or callable library. I'm currently looking at various Windows ports of ClamAV, but are there any other good solutions we can compare them to? We are happy to consider commercial solutions as well as F/OSS ones (in fact it might be preferable to some of the people involved to have something that is offically paid for with a documented level of support).

    Efficiency isn't too much of an issue as we are expecting no more than (proceeds to pull figures from his hat...) 100 documents per working day sized between a few Kb and one-or-two Mb each. Probably less than 20 files per day on average.

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