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    Help! Apache droping connections

    I have 2 servers one with second with
    Loading is based on accouns so some accounts will go on www other on w1

    The intresting part is w1 is not as loaded as www but is droping conections from time to time. (like a picture is not loaded, page 404 etc)
    Ping and SSH works well, is somenthing only on port 80. There is nothing on messages or log errors. Config are the same
    They are on the same provider (theplanet/matrix) but on diferent networks/routers.
    I've noticed this happen mostly on conections from Europe and at non peak hours (night time for US, daily for Europe)

    I had more tickets at server matrix but they didn't find anything.

    Any idea how could I investigate this?

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    Try to change port

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    take a look to timeouts and try to increase.

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