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    Plesk DB Importing

    Hey Guys,
    I have moved from cpanel to Plesk. I have exported a DB using PhpMyAdmin. How do I import it within Plesk or is this not possible. It gives me the ability to create in Plesk just not import> Help Would be great.

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    There's a good thread on moving from cpanel to plesk on WHT, i'm just trying to find that

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    phpMyAdmin is included with Plesk.

    1) Navigate to your domain.
    2) Click on the 'Databases' icon.
    3) Either create a database or click on an existing one.
    4) Click on the 'DB WebAdmin' button after you've clicked on the database.
    5) phpMyAdmin will then launch.
    6) Click on the database name in the left hand panel.
    7) Click on the SQL tab.

    Of course, you could always just use SSH to do it.

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    Thanks guys. That was a great help

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