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    {questions} Selling RapidSSL Certificates

    1.) Does anyone know where I can get a Reseller or access to sell RapidSSL Certificates? -- I've heard that I can get them for $10.00 each but have to deposit $X amount first..

    2.) Where/Who is the better place (from your experiences) to get SSL Certificates from?


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    Whilst we are a RapidSSL Reeller ourselves, you do have to buy a large quantity to get the lower rates.

    Despite being a direct reseller we now get all of ours from as you can get single certs for $13.99 each, without any minimum commitment. If you need higher amounts then you can get 50 at the equivalent of $10 each.
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    I can reromend you look at Geotrust. They have pay as you gog system

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    Go to They provide RapidSSL for $10.00
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    Quote Originally Posted by dhcart
    Go to They provide RapidSSL for $10.00
    There is a $1000 deposit or a $99 setup fee.
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    Go through the direct source, GeoTrust. That way if you have a problem, you can sort it out with them and not the reseller.

    I think the prices start at $29/cert.
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    i recommend

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    Becareful about Geotrust right now. Since Verisign has taken them over, alot of the verbal agreements made between RapidSSL and their clients can no longer be held up on. They basically have $645 of our held hostage, based up on a failed verbal agreement.

    I would approach with extreme caution.
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    I know its not the most popular name on the forum but if you use RegisterFly API you can get SSL Certs for $6.99 (compared to $9.99 if you buy it off the site).

    Someone did mention that they are resellers of RapidSSL but I am not 100% on that point.

    I bought a $9.99 one to test and it works fine apart from when you hover over the padlock it mentions RegisterFly.

    No minimum deposit needed but I guess if you use the API its handy to have a few bucks in there incase someone buys one whilst you sleep!

    Hope thats of some use!

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