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    Looking for a reliable mid cost host

    After my horrible experiance with Web Host Plus i'm going to be purchasing dedicated hosting as soon as my term with them expires. I currently have the $85 a month Celeron with 512mb ram.

    I'm looking for a reliable host with a decent connection and fair prices. Support (well if my server crashes and I can't connect to SSH like what happened with web host plus then I do need support), control panels, and other cute things aren't needed because I know my way around linux.

    My price range is around $100 per month. Though I can flex a bit. I was considering server pronto but I want to explore my options before commiting myself.

    Can anyone recommend a good dedicated host for around $100. Thanks

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    Are you fixed on a location f.e new York, Hong Kong etc. ?
    Where are your customers ?
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    I'd check out

    They're a part of ThePlanet...good network...they have a few "Value" series @ $69/month

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    Perhaps a reseller of LayeredTech that offers semi-management with the servers?
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    Look no further then

    While they're prices are relatively low, I consider them to be in the "premier" category of hosts.
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    I'm mostly looking for a self-managed solution. 1gb of ram is a must. Price should be between $85 and $120. The only thing that I really care about in a hosting company is if their uplink to the internet is reliable and if their hardware is reliable.

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