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    Borat - MUST WATCH!!

    Wow. I'd watched every bit of Borat before heading into the preview screening at our great uni and STILL there were scenes that had me shrugging in total disbelief. And there were scenes that had me covering my eyes with my hands. And there were moments that I am confused if I should be happy or awfully grossed out for seeing.

    What a hilarious movie! Screening was supposed to be for 300people on first come basis and I'm guessing few hundred Borat lovers went back with no Borat. When the line for something starts building at 4pm for an 8pm movie, you know you're crazy about something a lot of others are crazy about

    Comes out nov 3 I think. Go watch it! You can hate him or love him after that.

    Here's a trailer:

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    It'll be very very funny.

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    Ali G strikes gold again
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    I CANNOT wait for this movie to open here! We've got about 16 of us heading to this one. lmao... borat. silly bugger

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    did Ali G ever make it big in the US ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slidey
    did Ali G ever make it big in the US ?
    nah it never released in the US due to some kinda clearance issues, lol. But I'm sure Ali G In Da House will be dug up as millions of new Borat fans go scouring for other stuff done by Sacha.

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    I saw all the Borat reviews. I am going to watch it. It looks funny.

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    He is a funny guy! I can not wait till the movie comes out. He he

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    Ali G show runs on HBO here in the States.

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    I'm getting the "Snakes on a Plane" sense about this movie. My friends and people I work with generally don't know about Sascha or Borat. Most people I send the highest rated Borat Youtube links to don't seem to find him funny. Which might mean that only his die-hard fans go and see the movie and it doesn't do so well. That'd be a shame but we'll see in a week or so.
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