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    Update WHM/Cpanel self-signed certificate

    I have been trying to update my cPanel's WHM/Cpanel self-signed cert but it doesn't work. This kind of task was so simple to do in plesk.

    Does anyone know a working procedure on how to do this?

    Any help is very much appreciated.

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    Login to whm (root) under SSL/TLS there are two options you can use:
    Change Server Certificates
    Reset Server Certificates

    Change server certificates > cPanel/WHM Server > Paste your CRT & Key.

    Reset Server Certificates > cPanel/WHM Server > Generate new certificate > Done

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    Thanks Excel Hosting UK.

    I have tried both method several times and it didn't work.
    However this time, I did an extra step, I rebooted the whole server and yup, the cert has been replaced with the new one.

    Thanks again.

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