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    Game score tracking script, anyone?

    This might not be as critical as other questions you have seen on this forum, but maybe someone can help me out here.

    Okay, we have a team of foosball fanatics at the office. I think it is a great thing to have in a work environment that is stressful. Anyhow, no one keeps scores of the wins and loses, well, I am trying to change that.

    If you know of a script that can do simple score keeping based on these values, it would be great:


    Let me know.


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    I doubt you would find a ready made script to track these values for you...however...someone could easily develop this for you.

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    Since you sound like you can't write this yourself and probably don't want to pay someone to develop it, I suggest simply typing it into a text editor. Notepad will do fine. If you want something web-based, then a Wiki or Writely will do in a pinch.

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    What's foosball and can't teams draw in it?
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    if you paypal me $8 /or/ £4 then I will code this simple script for you.
    You will require MySql and PHP

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