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    Help with authentication on a website

    Anyone can visit our site but we are now interested in putting out member only articles, ie. only members can read these articles. So, a freidn recommended for us to use Drupal to get users to sign up. Apparently, we were told that Drupal was built solidly and has an active user base so these are pluses.

    I am wondering is anyone has any experience in this area. Instead of drupal, wouldn't it also make sense to consider hiring someone who can code a simply PHP/MySQL authenticated section in our website for this purpose? If done right, it should be pretty secure.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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    Either option is fine / easy to do. It just depends if you want to have a free solution vs. paying someone to make it for you. The only downside to Drupal is you might have some extra baggage. (Too many options for what you want, etc)
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    A quick solution is to use htaccess but it can be messy if you have lots of users.

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