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    Newbie Question Regarding Dedi Box Speed.


    We've recently moved from vps to a dedicated server - Its fully managed.

    The issue I have is, one of our main sites seems to be running really slowly...Actually using the site is ok once it loads, but there is a 5-10 second delay before the browser actual opens/connects to the site. I've tested it on several different isp's in the UK and it seems to be the same thing.

    The site seems to run slower generally than it was on the VPS (the general specs of the server are much greater than the vps).

    I ran WinMTR on the IP...I do not know how to interpret the results of WinMTR but from the little experience I have I think it looks pretty poor...

    Would anyone here mind taking a look at the results and sharing their view with me...Does it show any problems?

    Attached is a screenshot of the WinMTR scan.

    Thank you,

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    I would appreciate if anyone could help me with this as we are still plagued by the problem.

    Some server details:

    Its a dedicated server - AMD XP2400, 1 gig ram, with 2 80gig HD's and its located at Savvis. We use Cpanel and the box was secured by the host (whom are generally excellent)

    The problem seems intermittent...But the time it takes for some pages to initially load up is beginning to be a problem. Its mainly noticeable with dynamic sites (cms/php sites that require databases - the databases are very small and the sites/server in general have very little usage currently)...But it also seems apparent on static html pages.

    I logged a ticket with support and they mentioned it could be ISP issues (which I am sure it isnt as we have no problems with viewing other sites), UK (where we reside) to Savvis connection (which I thought winmtr maybe able to determine)...The host provided ping results and said everything looked perfect from their end, but it isn't feeling that way our end.

    I never had any of these issues with our sites when we were on the vps (load is currently really minimal across this server (as it was on the vps), as the main project has yet to be launched), which was located at Equinix.

    I'll provide any other details request and try anything to fix this issue.


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    Also, I am not sure if this is any good test to use, but I uploaded a 100meg file to the server and downloaded it...I am getting a max of 250KB/Sec

    As I say not sure if that provides any useful indicator. I am on a 2 meg broadband connection.

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    2 Mb / 8 bits/Byte = 250KB so you're getting full speed.

    If you give the URL, it'll be a lot easier to tell whether it's a general problem, or something between you and Savvis.
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    I had a problem with the first 10-15 secs being slow when i got one of my new dedis a few months back, it worked out to be the firewall being misconfigurated, you might want to ask your management team to re-configurate it with all the proper ports open etc... If you wish to see if this is the problem, just disable your firewall for a few mins and try the site and see if it powers up...

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    Keep in mind, VPS is hosted in the powerful server such as Xeon and Opteron. VPSs are equal sharing cpu load in a server. That's why you did not face slow speed or whatever. I don't know why your ded is slower than vps. In fact AMD XP2400 compares celeron.

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