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    manual VS real-time payment processing

    What is the draw to use a real-time provider like verisign when you have to use a payment clearing internet provider that will charge additional fees, when you can do it manually

    I pay $5.00 a month CND + 1.6% on visa/MC TOTAL

    Why would anyone pay someone like or someone similar and then have to hook up with a clearing provider like
    FDMS nashville and pay their fees and then get it to your bank and pay your bank for an account?

    IS it so bad to just SSL the order page encript the CC and have half of the numbers in the Dbase and half emailed to you and then you call the order in or punch it in on a terninal.

    I mean do you need that kind of automation and to have your customers pulled off your site to make an order in some cases?

    IF you were doing 100-500k and had a ton of orders could'nt you hire some kid to punch in orders for 6 or 8 bucks and hour?

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    Well, I guess it depends on the situation.

    Real-time clearance makes sense if you have the entire process automated. That is, from the stage of taking the customer order, clearing the credit card payment to the setting up of the web account.

    Manual processing would make more sense when the part or the whole process chain is not automated.

    Of course, the situation is not as simplistic as it is. In my case, although I do not market hosting services but sharewares. I use the real-time processing because the entire process from taking the order to releasing the unlock code is automated.

    Besides, where I am from it is difficult and expensive to have a merchant account. And since my customer base in mainly in the Western Continents, it would make sense to process the transaction in US$. I know I am paying a bomb at 10% surcharge but I am pretty satisfied with the arrangement. I hate to deal with credit card fraud, chargebacks and multiple orders and so on.

    I rather concentrate on my core competence and that is more technical than financial.

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    I go straight manual, but I make it appear automated on the site and theres me or an employee always ready to process new orders.

    For automatic, your getting charged more, and in a business like all of ours where fraud is so common, you loose a big chance to stop fraud before it happens and you get a chargeback....

    Manually with your own account, you get a chance to verify each customer and order, you don't have to involve a 3rd party, and you get much better rates than an online processing service....

    Overall, most people just go automatic because its a little bit easier... But if your afraid of work, I suggest a new job...

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    We used to have our system setup to be fully automated, from the customer entering their credit card information to the setting up of the account. Instant Setup. This came with it's problems however. We got a lot of spammers and people hosting warez sites abusing the fact the account was setup instantly. Most of these people also used stolen credit cards so we got a fair few charge backs due to the real time processing. We also had to pay an outrageous 13% + $0.80 per transaction.

    We now however process all orders manually. The order comes in, we run various fraud screening processes, run a few checks on the customer and if all checks out we setup the account and send out the welcome email. Generally we have accounts setup within a matter of minutes and on occasions within a few hours. We also only have to pay 3% + $1 per transaction, so we are saving a fair bit.

    All in all, manual processing has cut down on the spammers and warez folk, which of course has increased the stability of the service, we are now saving money on the transactions, which can be spent on improving the service.

    I would personally go with Manual
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    Hate to but in here.. I appreciate ur info on this...

    I am new to this and due to this info (mainly rochen's post) I would prefer manual also.. (due to wanting to limit type of sites hosted and limit payment headaches)

    However I'm in the stages of just techin myself web design (have many yrs exp in IT Support fields) but I've been given a deal I'd be dumb to pass up..

    So my question is How exactly would (what would I need / need to do) to manual processing of sites im hosting...

    Is there someone where i can get a script or some place to learn how to make forms and security measures?

    all help is greatly appreciated

    PS- $$$ is a major factor in gettin this started...

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    What we do is just encript the CC and split it up so half stays on the dbase and other gets emailed so you need some type of encription and a SSL cert either your own or shared.

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