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    A project for developing a domains-related forum, I want to find a partner.

    A project for developing a domains-related forum, I want to find a partner.

    Actually now, I have purchased vBulletin license, and made some features and changes... I have even purchased a server, but the server is a bit slow sometimes...

    I want to find a creditable person or persons to develop the forum together,
    The share will be divided by persons. if two persons then 50% and 50% to each other, we will have adsense or YPN and some other advertisements.

    I want to the person to be reliable, and I want he is having a better server to serve the forum.

    If anyone is interested to it, please let me know it.
    The project is going to be well developed, and the domain name of the forum is also excellent! I have many ways to promote people to come and join the forum.

    BTW, at the beginning stage, the fee of the server will needed to be covered by the person, when we start to earn money by ads, then all fees will be divided and the server fees will be charged back as well.

    I have already invested it about 400$ (two licenses (one vBulletin and another script) and a server which costs 119$/monthly ... but it is not good. it is Windows 2003, I wish to have a better server if possible.)

    I really just want to make this project excellently. So, if you have a better server and it is not really serving a big board, then please consider my project.

    Thank you very much, and I wish that I will find my partner as soon as possible.

    Good luck to me and to you,

    Best Regards!

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    I would be interested in helping out here! What type of content are you planning on for the forum system? What type of specs do you need for space and that kind of thing?
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    thank you very much!
    I have found a partner alreay,

    I will remenber you for my next plan in the future

    Best regards to all WHT people !

    see ya,


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