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    3 Hosting Company Names For $100 > AlmightyHost, AlmightyHosting, AlmightyWebHost

    Hi all,

    I've got 3 domains with the name "Almighty" in it. Initially I was planning to use all of them for my hosting business but I decided to let them go now. If you want to secure a brandable hosting company name, you might not want to miss this chance.

    In summary, I'm selling the following domains (only domains, no website) : - expires on 21-Nov-2007 | 1 Year Old - expires on 11-Jan-2007 | ~1 Year Old - expires on 24-Jan-2007 | ~1 Year Old

    All registered with GoDaddy.

    Get all 3 now for only $100.

    In case you are just interest in any one of them, here is the price for each of them : Price : $60 Price : $50 Price : $50

    Payment via PayPal only please.
    Domain will be pushed to your GoDaddy account for free.

    Please post SOLD to claim it.
    Would appreciate if you can alert me with a PM.

    Thank you.
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    Any traffic on these domains?

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    Hi Ali,

    I'm sorry, all of them don't have traffic as I'm just parking them at GoDaddy.
    Wanted to setup a hosting company using the name, but then the plan changed few months ago.

    By the way, still has more than 1 year left from renewing.

    Please feel free to ask any question about those domains.
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