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    Buying Text links on gaming sites

    We are buying text links on FPS, MMoRPG and gaming forums/websites. These sites must have a pr3 or higher. We are looking for subscriptions via only.

    Thank You
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    Have a look at (PR5) and (PR4)

    Nevermind, I think you already have one!

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    Ill add your text link on my homepage at florinabeach[dot]com

    Yea the site looks crappy, but we are about to do a huge makeover of it using a phpBB portal.

    The site has about an average of 700 visitors per day. (stats available by going to forums > scroll down to bottom>

    The site isn't quite as popular as the forums, but this will change very shortly and im hoping that BOTH rocket up to 1000 visitors per day. I am hoping to make this happen within the next week.. Everything is ready to begin (except me, I need a break from stuff for a min)

    So yea, 10 bucks a month for link on homepage . email me at zerk[at]

    Also... florinabeach is the site i just offered, but shortly we are launching mmocheck[dot]com as well. Not quite sure how well this site will work out for the public yet.

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    Here are some sites pr4 and pr5 that i have some advertigins space available:

    Contact me if interested.
    Thank you.

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    Please have a look at

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