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    Very strange behaviour of Apache

    Hi there,

    I have website with lots of photo galleries of cars.
    After moving to a better server 2 weeks ago, I now noticed that the main gallery pages which include 30 thumbnails of about 2k in size are not being served properly.
    In fact, the very strange behaviour of Apache (that's what I guess) is like that:

    You hit page 1 - Response is fast, the page loads first, then the 30 thumbnails are loaded very fast one by one... No problem...

    You hit page 2 - Response is fast, the page loads, the 30 thumbnails are loaded very fast one by one... Again no problem...

    ** Page 3 - You hit page 3... The first 5-6 thumbnail is served.. Then the page hangs about 3 seconds.. 3-4 more thumbnails are served, then hangs another 3 seconds... 3 more served, then hangs another 3 secs.. Hit another page - Hangs 3 seconds... What the heck is this????

    I have everything in httpd.conf normal.
    Keepalive on
    Keepalive timeout 15
    Max Keepalive requests 1000 (tried 5000)
    Tried max keepalive reqs 0, keepalive timeout 200... No change...
    I have min spare servers 15 everytime, 2 gig RAM and the server load is normal...

    What may be the reason for this?

    Edit: When you stuck like that, wait about half a minute and you start from the beginning: Very fast load of the first 2 pages, then again you stuck at page 3... About 100'th request made in the connection... Strange...

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    Your settings are okay, for galleries keepalive should be on

    From what you are saying it is obvious the first pages are fast because they are cached on memory while other are fetched from HD

    Check your hdparm /dev/hda (or whatever)
    eventually enable 32 bits

    Another thing it could be a memory leak or something to kill your persistent connections too early (as you said at 100th) Check with keepalive off.
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