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    Question Little Question

    Ok, I'm new to the deticated hosting, so I have a little question. Me and my friend plan to get the $99/Month from, I was wandering if you could like resell packages. like give them a certain ammount is this possible? Thanks!
    -Michael Mcgahan

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    I think they do have some partners and resellers program / agreement because i have seen many companies reselling rackshack boxes.

    just what i think !! i am sure somebody will correct me if i am wrong.
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    I know RackShack offer an affiliate program which you can check out at:, however I can't seem to find any info on there site about reselling the service. That doesn't mean such a thing doesn't exist however. The best way is to fire them off an email and ask or drop into there forums or support chat.
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    I'm sure he means selling reseller packages, in that case yes you can sell reseller packages.
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