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    INdex page not showing

    I have a customer with Cpanel who is having trouble with his index.php page. When you go to the domain with the /index.php showing, the page works but when you just go to the domain, you get a cannot find server. The page worked fine until this week. Also, index pages in subdirectories work fine. I've tried using a different index file like index.htm, removing and adding pages in the directory and some other tricks but nothing is seeming to take. Not having the same problems with other customers on the same box.


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    Could be a few things tbh.

    In the control panel of the user is the server setup to use index.php as the default index page.

    You could put an .htaccess file within the www folder that contains the line:
    DirectoryIndex index.php

    If ones already exists add the line (above) to the .htaccess file.

    Do the dns records for the domain contain the correct values eg:
    Name: (Blank/empty) | Type: A | Address: the servers IP

    also is their a record for www:
    Name: www | Type: A | Address: the servers IP

    Does the break with and or without www ?

    Hope this helps
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    Looks more like RewriteRule is broken for that site?

    If DirectoryIndex is not setup, then you should get
    1.) a listing of files
    2.) a 403 forbidden error

    and not a 'cannot find server' error

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