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    Domine locked by enom need help


    I have registered with when i want to renew my account with1t3 there payment gate way is not working i got a mail from them to wait till its ready and all of sudden i got a mail after 2 weeks that my domine is locked by the primary register enom now they asking me $180 for renew my account becas they say it was redimsion i have said its not my fault its purly with 1t3 mistake now the paymnet gateway is ready but i dont know to whome should i must renew can any one suggest me how to proceed further to get my domine i have send mail to 1t3 regarding this but no proper reply from them can any one know the conact number of 1t3 or help me in this..


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    When a domain name is in Redemption Period that means it has been expired for quite a while (over 30 or 40 days). I doubt you will have any luck, unforutnately, getting past the $180 fee. The Redemption Period means the domain has already been "deleted" from the database and its in a sort of limbo grace period for another 40 days or so. Given that the registry gives you that initial month grace period to register the expired domain, they already gave you a significant chance to renew it so I don't think they will make an exception.

    Another option is to wait until Redemption Period ends - and re-register the name in another month or 2 when it becomes available. Maybe just in case use a back order domain service so you can be sure it isn't snapped up by someone else.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jcwebii
    Maybe just in case use a back order domain service so you can be sure it isn't snapped up by someone else.
    Which many times it is very quickly.
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    In the case of (i), above, you acknowledge that certain registry administrators may provide procedures by which discontinued domain name registration services may nonetheless be renewed. You acknowledge and agree that we may, but are not obligated to, participate in this process, typically called the "Redemption Grace Period" ("RGP"). You acknowledge that we, for any reason and in our sole discretion, may choose not to participate in the RGP process with respect to any or all of your domain name registration services and that we shall not be liable therefore. If available, RGP typically ends between 30 and 42 days after the end of the reactivation period of the domain name services, as the reactivation period applied to you. The typical RGP fee is $160 plus any registration fees. You agree that we are not obliged to contact you to alert you that the domain name registration services are being discontinued.
    Enom is just doing its job, and 1t3 simply passes the fee to you. I doubt there's any easy way out of this for you. Try to learn something out of the current situation: don't leave the domain registration to the last minute.

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    Thanks for ur reply but before its getting expire i have send mail to 1t3 to renwal but they dont have payment gate that time and they send me a mail to wait till there gateway is ready now it is with enom whome should i renew my account with1t3 or enom now i got a mail from1t3 there payment gateway is ready and i can proceed but i still have a confusion if i do it with 1t3 some times enom will not accept becas there are the primary register for that. they will loss the money can any one suggest me wat can be donr next


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    If 1t3 enom's reseller and their payment gateway wasn't working when you intended to renew your domain, they should contact enom and discuss the situation.

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    whether i can back order with someone else like godady or some other registerar directlyl or i should back order with Enom only whether someone have clue when the domain will expire completely to back order to back order it is just $18 with godaddy i guess

    After frequest reminder to 1t3 they have not responded to my mail but now i am in trouble for getting my domine can any one help me to get the domine back or i should pay $180 to enom to reneal my account

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    the domain has an Expiration date: 06 May 2012 21:15:41
    It's not expired, why do you have to pay for a redemption that doesn't exist?

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    Maybe, you departed from a rule?

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    1t3 is not expires only my domine is expires but before expires i have send mail reminders to rewal but they have not taken any steps 1t3 now it went to redimption with enom they asking $180 for it to activate i have explained that
    its not my mistake but enom is not lisining to my words now i have to pay $180 to get my domine and now 1t3 payment gate way is working they ask me to renwal but still i have a dought to whome should i rewal i dont want to be in trouble again and again but when i send a mail to 1t3 about my question to whome should i rewal but there is no proper reply from them can any one sugesst me how can i proceed

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    i really don't understand some of your sentences, but if your domain has expired and is in redemption period, it's ok that enom ask you to pay redemption fee

    After reading a few times, and visiting i realized that your domain is not, you registered the domain at, sorry, i missunderstood you (your english is even worse than mine ;-) )

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    whatever you do do not let it go to redemption, enom will bend you over

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