I am a private individual looking for a few people who need a bit more than the typical webhosting account.

I didn’t really need a whole server, but I hate to move!

Let me repeat: I HATE to move!!!

Server Details:

160gb hard drive
1gb RAM
2000gb bandwidth
CPanel/Fantastico/RVSkins/CPSkin XP 2005

This is already up and running

Server Specifications:

Processor: Intel Pentium 3.60 GHz
Memory: 1024 MB RAM
Hard-Drive: 160GB HDD x 2 (2nd = backup)
Operating System: Centos 4
Server Location: Dallas, Texas, USA

Looking for 3 more users on this server, reseller account optional.


20 gb space / 160 gb bandwidth.

More about the server: it is a Linux server, and it has management taken care of. It is done by a team of professionals that respond very quickly to any issues.

No adult sites allowed
No IRC Chat

Also, in addition to not allowing adult sites or IRC chat, there is a rule against anything offensive. Political commentary sites are okay, but hate sites are not allowed. And neither is copyright violation or infringement, or any sites promoting illegal activities of any kind. I am very law-enforcement-friendly. In another life I worked in law enforcement, and there are police officers in my family to this day. So if there is intent to defraud or commit a crime it's probably not a good idea to seek an account here. Those things are not welcome on this server.


PM for any further details or questions, or email me: host AT bigboyhosting DOT com. This email was set up specifically for this offer, so I await hearing from you!