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    Getimagesize memory exhausted?

    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 8388608 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 11519354 bytes) in

    PHP Code:
    list($game['flashw'][$key],$game['flashh'][$key]) = getimagesize(INT_GAMES "$value/" $newname); 

    How do i get around this?
    Suppose the flash file is quite big about 6 megs

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    In your php.ini change "memory_limit" value to a bigger site than 8 MB, say...32 MB. This value describes maximum amount of memory a script may consume.

    If you are running under a shared hosting, paste this line into your .htaccess file:
    php_flag php_flag memory_limit "32M"

    Hope this will help, bye.

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    php_flag twice? I think that's incorrect?
    hi there!

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    You are correct, sorry:
    php_flag memory_limit "32M"


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    since im only getting the height and the width of the swf. Is there anyway to clear the swf from memory after getting width and height?

    If i run my code for 20 flash files i would still like it to work

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