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    Angry i couldnt make money even if a money tree grew there!

    i have several websites.

    many of them are sponsored by affiliate programs.

    ive been using those for a long time with moderate success...


    i have these two sites (that are interconnected) and they get the most traffic out of all my sites. about 1000 uniques daily. and this isnt BS traffic. the websites aer well established, several years old and has thousands of members.

    no matter what i have done to these two sites (following what i did with thee others that made money) i can not convert worth a crap!

    very frustrating!

    so, at this point, my options are to either sell the websites and let someone else take over or, try to figure out how to make money off these sites!

    i have tried:

    various other affiliate links/banners
    sending offers when i mail out the newsletter
    and i cant remember what else

    so... what would YOU do!

    the traffic is very international, mostly UK and USA. probably mostly girls aged 15-30, and it is music/fan related.

    id post the links to my two sites here, but i dont think i can do that so i wont!
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    If they are music/fan related you can experiment - ipods (quite popular with the teens), the playboy store, concert tickets etc.

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    Try lead gen (CPA) campaigns for popular products (designer handbags, iPods, feminine stuff)

    imo YFDirect / Netblue would be the best route to take for that.

    You should see good lead conversions with good traffic. Also, many are incentivizable, so you're allowed (and encouraged) to prompt your users to click and convert adverts that you run.

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    Boy, do I know how you feel. If you want to sabotage a specific stock, just let me buy a few shares. The price will drop like an anvil from a plane.

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