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    * Dedicated rsync backup to vps ?

    Hi everybody,

    i currently run a dedicated server at server4sale. i'm very satisfied of speed i get right now.

    i use cpanel / mailscanner
    i also use mailscanner front-end by configserver dot com
    and mailwatch

    all is running fine except i don't have any backup server

    i use dnsmadeeasy and i want to use fail over

    so i have to rsync my server to a cheap vps just to get a fail over service

    could you recommand cheap vps... is it possible to rsync a cpanel server to a webmin vps for exemple ? will it work ? or all paths are not the same so it would be difficult...

    thanks in advance

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    What do you mean saying cheap?

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    i mean not expensive like maybe 15$/month tektonic UM1 plan.

    i will just use this server as failover service, so it doesn't need to be fast. just ok.

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    How much do you need? (bandwith, space etc..)

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    hdd: 10gb min.
    bandwith: maybe just 50gb, i don't know. last month i only use 8gb.

    for ram,i thought 256, but if my backup server can be webmin, maybe just 128

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    1st thing: i want to know if my backup server for fail over may be a webmin or no control panel server ?

    will i have to write a special rsync script to be able to do this ?

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    Maybe you will.

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    i'm interrested to the smallest vpsland plan. 6gb hdd, 128mb ram, 150gb bandwith

    it runs cp+ control panel.

    could somebody tell me if it's possible to rsync data from my dedicated cpanel server to a vps running cp+

    so i want to keep a mirror in case my dedicated goes down

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    Hi slinky

    I would like to know if you have managed to make this work ? Your plan seems like it could work very well, but does it work in practice?

    How much bandwidth will be needed daily to keep the two in sync?
    How often will the cronjob run to keep the two in sync?
    And what do you tell customer's when the "main" server is down, and they can't access cPanel?
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