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    * CPU for my server

    I am buying my second server now and I am having problems deciding which CPU I should buy.

    I have three options:

    1. P4 D 945 3,4GHZ BOX,LGA775, 65 nm, 2x2MB cache, DUAL CORE, 800MHz
    2. CORE 2 DUO E6300, 1,86GHz, 2Mb,LGA775
    3. AMD ATHLON64X2 3800+ BOX, AM2, 512KB + 512KB, 2.0 GHz

    Pleas help me to chose the best low budget CPU for my server.

    ----[ I am buying small web hosting company worth around $ 5.000. PM me If you are interested. ]----

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    Personally I'd go with the Core 2 Duo

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    Dual Core is modern solution today. It's a new level

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    I agree with RoLLex. Dual core has a lot of modern features.

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    Athlon is good for games and desktop applications. It will do absolutely no good for server applications.

    Even though opterons and dual cores cost much more, they are worth it (because by putting less money into your CPU and greatly reducing its performance, you're reducing the potential of your whole server: memory, hard drive, etc...)

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    I think we should tell him *why*.'s like this. <kick in geezer voice> Back many years ago...motherboard designers decided to put two (and more) processors on one motherboard...thinking this was a good thing. In wasn't. The code was not looking for processor fact...I know of several dual proc servers that had worse performance than the singles..honestly. And quads were even worse.

    The problem was the cpu. *IT* was not designed with features needed. We had to wait until the CPU makers came on board with this.

    <End geezer voice>

    The time is now. Dual cores (And soon quad cores) require no special code special software. The software you use today will run twice as fast (or faster) due to many critical one having the ability of each core to access a different set of memory simms at the same time. These SIMMS are quite expensive now (always in sets..with parity) but are the future.

    There are many others...but are very geeky..and need not be mentioned here.

    Faster...using less power...producing less heat. Win-win-win. Woot!

    Oh..and don't forget the 85% efficient power supplies!

    Life is good.

    Bryon L Harvey
    Soil Relocation Engineer

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    I wouldn't hesitate at the least to recommend you getting a core 2 duo..

    Core 2 Duo's are quite simply the best bang for the buck, and performance-wise are above par with most any of the processers.

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