Webhostingtalk is a great place to find information but one must be cautious when seeking assistance for a number of reasons.

1. Many of the members here run webhosts and it's in their best interest for your company to fail.

This is especially important when asking for help on running a webhosting business. Always keep that in mind when asking questions about budgeting, costs, or anything related to the operation of your company.

In addition, a lot of us have worked hard to get where we are and don't like to give out our trade secrets. It's insulting when users demand that forum members ask for the secret of success and offer nothing in return. Would you give out your money making secrets for free and possibly dillute the results?

2. People are more comfortable spending your money than their own and likewise are more interested in their own success than yours.

Just because people say you should spend a large amount of money on a project it doesn't alwayts end up being the case. Likewise, just because some people tell you it's ok to place a budding ecommerce site that pays your rent on a cheap $5 hosting package doesn' mean it's a good way to go .You should weight your own resources and spending habits with the requirements of your purchase when considering advice from forum members.

3. Many people misrepresent their success.

Everyone here has an ego in some form. If you have doubts that so in so is doing as well as they claim to be doing and stuff doesn't add up, take their insight with a grain of salt. They might be failing miserably and trying to push a positive spin via a suddle pr campaign.

4. Some people are clueless.

There is no one way to do something and conditions vary from region to region. Just because a certain method works in one region it may not work in another.

Tactics for enterprise hosting and budget hosting are vastly different. An expert in either field is likely to have limited or flawed knowledge of the other.

The law varies from region to region, always consult aprofessional when seeking legal, financial and other expert advice.

Be wary of sheeple. Just because a lot of members post the same advice it's not always correct. Stick to your plans if they generate good results. If you can make overselling work than pay no attention to the members complaining about it.

5. Posting for the sake of getting the company name out.

Some menbers will post random replies that have nothing to do with your question. Ignore these members and strike their company off your list of future vendors.

6. Use Common Sense

You can save yourself a lot of trouble when using common sense.

Why is company A so many times more expensive than company B?

Is what's expensive for that guy cheap for me?

We learn most by questioning the results, challenging the norm, and refining the answer. If something doesn't look right or doesn't make sense by all means fill in the gaps by asking more questions.