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    [FOR SALE] Web Hosting Template!

    Hi everyone...

    Here is a webhosting template I am selling. Its a professionally designed template and its code is XHTML 1.0 and CSS 2.0 valid. Its aimed for small and medium sized webhosts. The design shows a promise of quality and reliability and it will be an asset for the success of any hosting company.

    I am selling this template for just 125 USD! Interested parties can contact me via PM.

    Here is a snap of it:

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    Nice design good luck selling

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    It's a really not bad design. I hope you'll sell it for a nice price.

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    I see you finally got this one on the market Nice work!
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    Hey the_pm. Yup. Lets hope I succeed in selling this one here Didnt have any luck on the other forum.

    @dannyy: I had originally priced it for 225 USD on a different forum but now I am offering it for just 125 USD over here.

    @XHIServices: Thanks for the positive feedback I appreciate it.

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