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    Internal or external management...

    Hi all.

    I am close to buying a server with Servers4Sale but have a very important question before going ahead.

    I need the server to be fully managed (i.e. all kernal/cpanel updates, hardening etc) as all I want to do is upload my content and see the sites running.

    I have two options as far as I can see...

    1. Let Servers4Sale handle the management under their semi-managed plan for $24.95 - this could be beneficial because I would have management from the same place as I have my server.

    2. Pay someone like PSM or SeeksAdmin around the same amount ($25-$29) to manage the server.

    Which would you choose out of the two?

    TIA - Dav
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    Quote Originally Posted by dav
    Is it price per hour?

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    That's per month according to their websites.
    Gotta check out this superb site...

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    Quote Originally Posted by RoLLex
    Is it price per hour?
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    Id have it all in house

    Or to save yourself some dosh learn to manage servers and even offer to then manage other peoples

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    Surely, dav, it'd be better if you manage your server yourself. But you have to be very good experienced in it otherwise it'll cause a lot of issues in the future.

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